Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

my blog; the new banner design :)

I really want to do this a long..long time ago but have no time. Now, I had a chance to make over my first banner which was so ordinary .  I admit my Photoshop skill was really poor when I was making my first banner.  All I can do at that time was just copy, cropping, put some text on it.  

I have to proud of my Photoshop skill which is getting better now.  Well, It is because I practiced it everyday :).  Beside reading books and reading blogs about Photoshop Tutorial to inspires me. By the way, below are my first banner and present banner :).

make over banner 
I think the ‘now’ banner is better right?  The best lessons that I get from this practice is that using color scheme / color swatches really help me to decide which style I will use.  Currently I am using Adobe Kuler Color Scheme.  Hope you enjoy my blog with new appearace :).

Best wishes,

PS: I also put signature on my Blog now

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