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Aulia Halimattussadiah (Ollie), An Inspirational Women Blogger

“Aulia Halimatussadiah or Ollie”

Blogger is a name that was given to someone who writes regularly on a Blog. There are thousands Blogger in this universe but one I know for sure will inspires women in everywhere to always pursuing her dreams no matter what.  She is Aulia Halimattussadiah or known as Ollie.  

My first contact with her was when I bought an Internet Book called “Panduan Praktis Mendesain Template Joomla”, continued with another book “Tak Tik Blog, Cara Bikin Blog, Paling Tokcer, Cepat Populer”, “Inspirasi-Net, an E-book” and the latest is “Alpha Wife Novel”.  You can call me her fans. 

About her blog

Her blog which the address is gives information about her life’s journey, her travels (she often travel abroad and around Indonesia) and her passion in writing, photography, web designs and business which is truly inspires me so much.

Ollie is such a multitalented women.  She run an online book store, Kutu Kutu Buku, web consultant Tuku Solution, she writes books, E-book & novels, she took pictures for Jakarta Daily Photos blogs and a lot more.  I believe she had busy live but still she always answer my email if I had problem or questions about her book and my online business Timikaunique.  I still remember when I read an articles from Women Entrepreneur website which said that there are three keys for successful business;
  1. Have a business plan
  2. Have someone to help you pursuing your business goals / targets, you can called this a mentor
  3. Manage your cashflow
I am glad that I already have number 01 and number 02 (I am not yet doing no. 3). Thanks Ollie! Thank you for always answering my emails.  Your definitely my mentor.

Chandra aka Ibukerte

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  1. Wah thank you so much ya... semoga tambah sukses bisnisnya...

  2. Sama-sama Mbak Ollie. Makasih sudah di kasih ijin pakai foto dan mampir di blog saya :)