Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

So do you think I need a nanny?

'Survive without nanny' is my blog tag-line.  Why? Because for one or more reason, I wish I could hire a nanny and the other is because I strongly believe a new mother like me need a helping hand.   

  1. It is so overwhelmed to become a mother.  I mean 'we' should do multitasking job like cooking, cleaning, child rearing, laundry, not to mention when our child try to get our attention.  
  2. With 24/7 working day, it is somehow a big hand if I could hire a nanny, maybe if I cook, she is the one who will take care of my daughter :).  Rakhma, my lovely daughter, she will 2 years old next March.  She is in explore and find new friend stages.  She really like having new friend and not afraid of strange people. Somehow, she is more like hang out with her buddy rather than me.  But, you cannot leave 2 years old without adult supervision, right?  So, here I am.  Split between my to-do list and supervise her.
  3. I will have more time for my self, definitely. My last time I walked alone was when I got pregnant.  I really miss that episode.
  4. I could go to mall more freely, like try new outfits.  It is impossible to try those one if you bring your child  at the mall. She thinks mall is new place for exploration.
  5. H..h...h...finally I can breathe for a moment and share my 'wishes'.
I ever had a house helper, but she stands only 3 weeks.  Poor me.  Basically, her job was clean the dishes and cooks for us.  The reason she was 'out' was she had another job that made her physically tired so she decided the leave her job with me. After then, I am pretty lazy to find her replacement.  Sigh.

So why not hire a nanny?

First and last because you have to pay them at least IDR 500.000,- per month.  It is a big bug for our family.  I just don't think it is good for our finance. I guess we 'survive' without nanny....

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Origami for Mommy

Its been a while, I am not updating this blog. Huh , I have been really busy writing for my other blog; timikaunique and my new green blog; and hey, I am tweet too!.  Mostly green tips tweet.

I like Origami since I was high school because at that time my niece was taken care by her grandmas, which is my mother, while her mother works.  As an aunt, I like to play anything with her, from story telling, morning walking and Origami.  You can say, I was her baby sitter at that time.  Now, my niece already grown up and she is already in third grader. 

My daughter though don't understand each time I am doing Origami, but it is a great way as alternative toys for children.  Don't you think ?  I enjoy doing it too.  Yesterday, while I surfed on net and found good origami website origami Mommy and promise I will make it with my daughter from now on.   The photos is so cute and it seem its pretty easy to do.

Happy Origami!