Senin, 07 Desember 2009

What is your self worth books

Author: Cheryl Saban, Ph. D
Publisher: Hay House, first edition May 2009
Book's thickness: 293 pages

Currently, I am reading "What is Your Self-Worth book" that I borrowed from Kuala Kencana Library. Actually, I did not intended to borrow this book at first but I just grasped it whatever in front of my eyes without even reading the summary at the back cover.  Surely, I am kind of of visual person who interested on Pink cover rather the main idea of the book heh.

But, after I had been reading the first page and then until the last page, I guaranteed that this book is worth to read, especially for women out there who seeking for identity quest like I did.  Yes, you did not wrong or mistakenly read it.  I had been struggling for such questions like "Am I worth as a women?",  "What is my life purpose?", "What will my life looks a like in next 10 or 20 years again?", "Did I walked on the right path?" and so on.   The searching of identity more clear after I decided to become a stay at home mom.  Ms. Cheryl is true when she mentioned on her book that we were sometimes too busy taking care of our family and we could lost our identity along the way.  Do you agree with her?  I was too busy so that I neglecting my self.  I did not put attention of my life purpose on the long run. On her books, Ms. Cheryl  invites us to write Personal Journal by answering personal questions from her.  With this questions, we can get more clear idea about who us really are and what we really want in this life.  Also wisdom from our peer and affirmations.  Yes, at the end of every chapter, Ms. Cheryl gave us Self-Worth Affirmations (Worth is abbreviations of Wisdom, Responsibility, Tenacity, Honesty). Truly Inspiring words.

This book surely has broaden my life's view that women are unique and equally important as men.  This books has a lot of wisdom, advice that very useful for women all around the world.  After reading this book, I hope I could practice "the joy of giving" as mentioned at the last chapter and teach my daughter, Rakhma How God has create women as unique and complete-pack creature and should proud of it. Truly Inspiring book!

You can visit her blog at or for more information about the author and the book.

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