Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

My favorite televition show

I like watching television, Who doesn't? and I think it is cheap, fast, quick entertainment.  I usually watches television after doing daily chores or domestic stuff.  But since I have a daughter, I follow some of children programs too.

Here are my favorites televition programs;

Titian Qalbu – TeveOne

Every morning, I sit back and listened peacefully. Religion teaching and everyday problems seem the perfect match that cannot be found on other programs.  It is also a good way to improve our faith despite our willingness to attend releligion forums.

How its Made – Discovery Channel.

I am still amaze how things are made from beginning until it become finish products.  Yesterday, I watched the making of carpet and still cannot believe that it is actually made from sheepskin and next it processed onto yarn.  The making the yarn is beyond my thought too. It is magnificent process how things from soft sheepskin becoming yarn and then transformed into carpets.  Well things is not as simple as it seen. Even a candy bar or marbles!

Oprah Winfrey Show – Metro Tv

I looooooove this woman! She has inspires a lot of people to do the good things, to live the best life.  One of my favorite is her session with Petter Walls, the clutter expert. One of his advise that workable for me is that labeling my kitchen container is helpful and useful. It make my refrigerator more simple and loose. He also said that every time we buy something we have to take out something from our house to avoid clutter.

Rachael Ray – Metro Tv

I impressed by her cooking talent and the way she babbling while she’s cooking is so funny.  I never ate western food but just looking at her cooking already make me want to eat them. Yummo!

Archipelago – Metro Tv

I occasionally watching it.  Traveling around the world is my dream.  Just to watching it make me happy and wondering when I can visit those countries. LOL.

Koki Cilik – Trans Tv

Koki Cilik in english means Little Cheft.  This programs like the title, taught the kids viewer to love to cook, and enjoy cooking.  Each session talk different subject from tomatoes, strawberry and so on. At the end of the show, they give how-to tips.
I like the presenter too – Prilly.  She is such a  young talented little girl.

Maybe you imagine me sitting in front of tv all day long.  Of course not, how ever i just enjoy it, I dont require my self to follow those programs. I found this list along the way.  So..what is your favorite tv show?

2 komentar:

  1. Halo, mba. Wah, blognya bagus-bagus, mba. Senang deh bacanya. :D
    Ternyata tv programes favorit kita sama, mba. Tapi... koki cilik? Saya malah belum pernah lihat tuh. Hehe.. Mungkin sekali kali harus manteng tv supaya bisa nonton ^^

  2. Makasih ya buk, by the way emang mau jadi manten? sering-sering mampir ke sini ya buk :)