Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Origami for Mommy

Its been a while, I am not updating this blog. Huh , I have been really busy writing for my other blog; timikaunique and my new green blog; and hey, I am tweet too!.  Mostly green tips tweet.

I like Origami since I was high school because at that time my niece was taken care by her grandmas, which is my mother, while her mother works.  As an aunt, I like to play anything with her, from story telling, morning walking and Origami.  You can say, I was her baby sitter at that time.  Now, my niece already grown up and she is already in third grader. 

My daughter though don't understand each time I am doing Origami, but it is a great way as alternative toys for children.  Don't you think ?  I enjoy doing it too.  Yesterday, while I surfed on net and found good origami website origami Mommy and promise I will make it with my daughter from now on.   The photos is so cute and it seem its pretty easy to do.

Happy Origami!

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